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18.05.2017 Opening day (live)


25.02.2017 Waitinf for your offers. Dead-line is 10, March, 2017

Open call for entries to participate in the International Biennial of Painting "Chisinau 2017".
Deadline: February,28, 2017
Consult the section Regulation.


3.  Premii:

3.1. Main prize :

 Otgonbayar Ershuu (Mongolia) Roaring hoofs , 150x160, acrilic, pânză 

3.2.  Prize I: 

Perca Mihai (România) Cu faţa spre soare, 180x160 cm, ulei, pânză 

3.3.    Prize II: 

Viscun Irina (SUA) Memories, Lapses and Erosions #4, 2014, 162x97, acrilic, pânză 

3.4.    Prize III: 

Soler Yansy (Cuba) Anomalia #11, 2014, 100x100, tehnică mixtă, pânză 

3.5.    Prize Found of Sturza's Family 

Dirk Balke (Germania) , Badehauschen III, IV, 2013, 2x(40x50), acril, pânză  

3.6.    Premiul Institutului Cultural Român M.Eminescu 

Fisticanu Veaceslav (Republica Moldova) Haos – Ordine N 2.1.15, 2015, acrilic, pânză 

3.7.    Prize of the Cultural Center Vrancea (România)

Breazu Florina(Republica Moldova)  Poarta stelelor,  2015, 149x123 cm, ulei, pânză


2. Diplome de excelenţă acordate de Ministerul Culturii al Republicii Moldova: 

2.1. Culiuc Gabriela (România) Cine vine la o bere pe timp de ploaie, 2014, 110x170, ul,pânză 

2.2 Jose A. Gonzalez Grillo (SUA) Two Cities, 2014, acrilic, pânză , 75x60. 

2.3. Svatosova Tatiana (Cehia) Homage Hrabral’s Lieben, 2014,70 x 100 cm , acrilic, hârtie, lemn.

2.4. Jose Gonzales A.Grillo (SUA) Two Cities, 2014, acrilic, panza, 75x60

2.5. Vozbinas Alexander (Lituania)


1.1  Nominalizări: 

1.1.    .Dica Adrian (România) Room 2, 2014, 200x124, ul.pânză

1.2    Ţărnă Gheorghe (Moldova) Păsări în văzduh ,2015, 1200x1200, Pânză, ulei

1.3    Guţu Maxim (Moldova) Frecvenţe, 2013, 80x180, ulei, pânză

1.4    Culiuc Gabriela (România) Cine vine la o bere pe timp de ploaie, 2014, 110x170, ul,pânză

1.5      Jose Gonzales A. Grillo (SUA) Two Cities, 2014, acrilic, pânză , 75x60. 

1.6    Svatosova Tatiana (Cehia) Homage Hrabral’s Lieben, 2014,70 x 100 cm , acrilic, hârtie, lemn.     

Trofeul Muzeului National de Arta al Moldovei ARTMUSEUM - Culic Gabriela (Romania)

14.05.2015 The opening ceremony of the Biennial and the awarding of prizes "live" - 14 May 2015, 15.15 (local time)

folow link 

Monica Babuc, Minister of Culture of Republic of Moldova

Dear friends,

The fourth edition of the International Painting Biennial, Chisinau-2015, an event organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Moldova, is open again to delight the public with a large range of aesthetic approaches and visual expression means. The undeniable artistic frame of this very important manifestation ensured by the presence of notable artists from 26 countries will place Chisinau among interest hubs of visual cultural manifestations. Due to the efforts of the organizers, the Biennial’s edition of this year, as well as the previous ones, distinguishes itself through the artistic attitude in terms of quality, aesthetic issues, as well as expansion of the international cultural-artistic context.

The exhibition displayed at the “Constantin Brancusi” Exhibition Center highlights the contemporary artistic evolution in the field of fine arts from the last years, combining the modern concepts with the traditional ones and incenting the development of painting in its whole diversity. The works presented arouse a distinct visual interest due to the selected artistic means and freedom of expression. The promotion and development of all the forms of exteriorization of the beauty, of the aesthetics, become important as long as every person finds that side of the culture that brings him closer to the idea of the progress through knowledge.

But above all, this competitive international exhibition is a platform for intercultural communication between artists without which the evolution of the contemporary art phenomenon has no prospects. The event itself is an opportunity for a dialogue between professionals, followers of different trends and tendencies of artistic expression from different countries and for establishing some creative connections. The initiation of collaboration relationships between institutions or individual artists will favor the identification of some collaboration possibilities both in the context of evolution in different schools, symposia or perspective exhibition projects, as well as in the field of artistic education.

There is no doubt that the International Painting Biennial Chisinau-2015 attributes some additional value to our culture and country, creating a favorable image to the Republic of Moldova abroad and ensuring continuity in the promotion and development of fine arts and high cultural values.


Călin Stegerean, Romania, member of the jury

Painting today

Eclipsed in the last half of the century, with the exception of the neoexpressionist revival in the 1980s reflected in such new media as installations, performance, body-art, photography, video art and many others, painting has lately re-appeared in expression tools of the artists, in the selections of large contemporary art exhibitions and in collectors’ preferences. The success of the new media, which were the favorites of the curators and directors of major contemporary art museums for many years, made some critics proclaim the end of the painting and its practice was virtually the same as leaving the present.

The flickering of the neon bulbs, artist’s own body that became an art object or the extension of the creation field to geographical dimensions led to the belief that just a painted canvas does not offer enough space for what contemporaneity, which is excessively changing in all the fields, considers being an art object. Many of these new meanings of art have been achieved by means that are not in the power of a single individual, being the evidence of the technical performance of an industrial society from the last two centuries that was to crush the individual by the corporatist systems. This applies also to the artists that represent only some points of the process of creation: the idea, often a simple sketch, and the signature, the fundamental detail for what is coming next – the trade with the artwork. Perhaps, the revival of painting (only as a referential element of prime importance, because it was never absent) is synchronous with the new philosophy of the existence which projects the emergence of the new world at human scale, with the respect towards the needs of the individual, the encouragement of self-expression, the protection of the resources, hand-made, eco, green… Painting is an example of the miracle produced by a human’s hands that may bring him glory with a capital consisting only of canvas, brush and colors.

Since what is “back” is never similar to what is “gone” (here the parable of the prodigal son may serve as an example), painting has come back enriched with the experiences of other arts, redefined under thematic, technical and expressive aspects. Today we cannot do or judge painting using old paradigms, as it can bear the mark of an obsolete attempt that “sings” with voices from other times rather than affirms its own sonority. Moreover, it is not only about the canon of the originality: recently the world has changed so much that the artist should offer the viewer a wider range of references of the contemporaneity – so complex and so selective in understanding and practicing reality. That is why, painting does not mean only filling the surfaces with color in a mechanical and repetitive approach practiced here for a very long time, which resulted in funny landscapes, unexpressive pots with flowers and decanted faces like in the old times when only painting ensured the eternity models.

The International Painting Biennial in Chisinau is one of the places where at present painting is invited to reveal new meanings, an incentive for the artists loyal to the vocation of a painter, a pennant on an imaginary map of the resurrection of the paintbrush art. By means of the awards offered, it indicates, the artistic attempts that build the new facet of painting or what painting could become. This thing may displease those who believe that the value of painting still resides in demonstrations of virtuosity of academic type. If, for many times, the new painting intrigues and bewilders, it means that we, those who look at it, have a problem with the adequacy, with its positioning in the right perspective for contemplation and analysis. This approach is not an easy one, it means its synchronization with the ideas that enlivened the modernity and postmodernity, with those that permeate the contemporaneity, it means reading some key-books and walking many kilometers about museums and art galleries. The access to painting today cannot be reduced only to the act of contemplation of an image that one can read at a glance. It means viewers’ active participation, the accumulation of knowledge and visual experience. By bringing out some works selected to be awarded for doing painting in a way, the Biennial of Chisinau may become an important school for contemplating and understanding art at present. 

TUDOR ZBÂRNEA, Curator of Biennial

The international context from the last decades of some types of alternative artistic approach oriented towards the relationship between art and technology, such as multi-media, photo-video, digital art, performance, video-installation etc. that affirm themselves dynamically and constantly in the sphere of visual arts, cannot be perceived anymore as a destabilization exercise of the artistic norms. It is not any longer in confrontation, but rather in juxtaposition with the painting, that does not exclude the innovative aesthetic elements.

International Painting Biennial Chisinau aims to support the development of the painting in terms of innovative techniques oriented towards current technical expression means.

At its fourth edition, the International Painting Biennial Chisinau 2015 claims more and more firmly a prestigious place on the cultural scene of the international public space of the visual arts. The exhibition imposes itself in the international system of contemporary painting as one of the major cultural events succeeding to attract an increasing number of notorious Romanian and foreign artists, becoming, thus, a channel of international communication.

 Our organizational efforts resulted at this edition also with a great number of participation offers from foreign artists. This fact encourages us and makes us confident that Chisinau also can be a genuine international interest centre in the field of arts. The exhibition proves that painting resists and develops in a natural context, that it claims an important place in the rather controversial dynamics of contemporary art.

An important range of local artists who entered history, but also younger artists, both local and foregn will be present, by means of their works. Some of them are multidisciplinary without giving up the technical means of the painting; they are artists who direct their aesthetic interests towards painting in the actual form and expression means.

The desire to increase the aesthetical approaches and the professional level imposed a more severe rigour while selecting the works. Taking into account these reasons, the number of artworks from the country and from abroad that did not enter the exhibition is much higher in this edition than in the first three editions.

The jury, made up of art critics and theoreticians, nominated in the framework of debates based on aesthetical principles a series of works that cover a rather large range of stylistic approaches. Without certain preferences, the members of the jury opted mainly for the artistic approaches of innovative aesthetic orientation, largely supporting young artists. The present edition, as well as the previous ones, supports first of all the artistic approach of the young generation, creating a platform for its consecration.

The present exhibition convinces us that the local artistic milieu needs a broader synchronization with the actual elements and international artistic trends and, above all, with the new artistic trends, that affirm themselves more and more firmly in Romanian painting in the last years. The Romanian artists become more and more famous on the international arena of visual arts, due to the large number of galleries in the country and the free circulation of the artists in the last years, but also due to the study process in the universities that is in line with the new aesthetic tendencies. The presence of a great number of artists from Romania, both known and important as well as many representatives of younger generation and the display of the works in the two prestigious exhibition spaces in Bucharest and Iasi will support our effort in ensuring an even better connexion between artists from Republic of Moldova and the artistic background of Romania. At the same time, they could come in direct contact with the artists and with the representatives of some galleries and culture and art institutions with the view of some further collaborations.

We experience a sense of joy and satisfaction that there are people ready to support the artistic action. It is not at all easy to find support for the art and creative act while Moldovan economy is passing through an extremely tough period.

The fact that International Painting Biennial Chisinau succeeds to achieve its objectives aimed at the creation of a sustainable platform for intercultural communication in the field of visual arts is due to the full understanding of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Moldova of the needs to develop and promote the contemporary art. The Ministry of Culture ensures the patronage of the event and other institutions such as Culture Department of Chisinau City Hall, Romanian Cultural Institute “Mihai Eminescu” from Chisinau, Agency on Intellectual Property, “Familia Sturza” Foundation support the event, including financially, for which we address our feelings of gratitude.

The broader collaboration from this year with a range of institutions from Romania and Poland opens even more widely the space for promotion and development of communication relations between exhibiting artists from Republic of Moldova and other countries. The entire exhibition is displayed at the “Constantin Brancusi” Exhibition Hall in Romanian Parliament and a selection is presented at the National Museum Complex “Moldova” from Iasi. These events would contribute to a larger support of the consecration both of the artists, as well as of the international artistic phenomenon. Offering museum spaces for exhibiting the works of some artists laureates at the Art Museum in Prahova and Adi-Art Gallery in Lodz, Poland, as well as offering grants in the framework of the Art Symposium LEPSA to the Biennial laureates will ensure a continuity of the communication relationships between artists and different cultural institutions, that would naturally contribute to the promotion and development of the fine arts.

 The International Painting Biennial Chisinau aims towards a future extension of the relations, both with the artists, as well as with other international institutions in order to ensure the most favourable development of the painting and therefore a wider opening of synchronization capacities with the international artistic phenomenon.

Of course the painting does not exclude the avant-garde extremes; it has a natural evolution in terms of innovative, modern or traditional techniques, oriented in the last years towards a symbolic or linked with the reality figurativism, imbued sometimes with strong hyperrealist accents, but which is treating the ravishing reality that we are living in a playful way, with no inhibitions that handcuffed the way of thinking of previous generations of artists. The aesthetic polarisations should not be regarded otherwise than as a playful creative experience, focused on sound democratic principles, conducted in an area of artistic free will, marked by the personality of each creator and which does not have other aim than to establish a suitable creative sustainable process, generator of genuine artworks of certain artistic value.

We hope that International Painting Biennial Chisinau will contribute within its capacities to achieve this goal.

The following artists take part at international Biennial of Painting Chisinau-2015, 

1. AJDER ECATERINA, 1961, Moldova

2. ANDONI DACIAN, 1962, România

3. ANGHEL GHEORGHE, 1938, România



6. BACHIȚCHI OLGA, 1980, Moldova


8. BALAKAUSKAITĖ IRMA, 1968, Lituania

9. BALKE DIRK, 1960, Germania

10. BĂLOIU ADRIANA FLOREA, 1979, România

11. BĂTRÂNU TIMOTEI, 1944, Moldova

12. van BLADEREN KORS, 1947, Olanda

13. BOLBOCEANU DUMITRU, 1960, Moldova

14. BONTEA ELENA, 1933, Moldova

15. BRĂESCU DIANA, 1959, România

16. BREAZU FLORINA, 1973, Moldova

17. BUȚ ALEXANDRU, 1986, Moldova

18. CALLEBAUT NICOLE, 1935, Belgia

19. CARACENTEV ELENA, 1961, Moldova


21. CHRISTOFI STELLA, 1988, Cipru

22. CIORNA SANDA MARIA, 1956, România

23. CIUBOTARU FLORIN, 1939, România

24. COJOCARU ILIE, 1950, Moldova

25. COMAN MARIAN, 1971, România

26. COROBAN VITALIE, 1965, Moldova

27. COȚOFAN SERGIU, 1969, Moldova

28. COZMOLICI VICTORIA, 1978, Moldova

29. CREȚU VADIM, 1971, România

30. CREȚU VICTOR, 1971, Moldova

31. CUCIUC SERGIU, 1940, Moldova

32. CULIC GABRIELA, 1965, România

33. DAGNOGO GOPAL, 1973, Coasta de Fildeș / Franţa

34. DANEVA VICTORIA, 1982, Moldova

35. DANILIȘIN ANATOL, 1960, Moldova

36. DICĂ ADRIAN, 1984, România

37. DOHOTARU VASILE, 1955, Moldova

38. DONȚU DANIELA, 1990, Moldova

39. van DORP WILLEMIJN, 1945, Olanda

40. DUCA MIRON, 1952, România

41. ERSHUU OTGONBAYAR, 1981, Mongolia

42. FABIAN TUDOR, 1970, Moldova

43. FAZLÎ PETRU, 1953, Moldova

44. FÂNTÂNARIU SUZANA, 1947, România

45. FISTICANU VEACESLAV, 1960, Moldova

46. FLONDOR CONSTANTIN, 1936, România

47. FUSU SERGIU, 1958, Moldova

48. Gîtlan Carmen-Gabriela, 1965, România

49. GHERASIM MARIN, 1937, România

50. GHUKASYAN VAHAGN, 1987, Armenia

51. GRAMA VASILE, 1957, Moldova


53. GUȚU MAXIM, 1985, Moldova

54. GUŢU VICTOR, 1963, Moldova

55. HERȚA VALERIU, 1960, Moldova

56. Hovhannisyan Sargis, 1983, Armenia

57. IGNATENCO VEACESLAV, 1954, Moldova

58. IORDACHE MIRELA, 1978, Romania

59. ISAC IGOR, 1957, România

60. JABINSCHI ION, 1978, Moldova

61. JABINSCHI VALERIU, 1967, Moldova

62. JALOBA GHENADIE, 1956, Moldova

63. JIREGHEA PETRU, 1941, Moldova

64. KARA IRINA, 1977, Moldova

65. KARACENȚEV ELENA, 1960, Moldova

66. KARAVASILIS Vasileios, 1952, Grecia

67. KAZAMA-OBER TOMOKO, 1945, Franța

68. KHVICHIA LENA, 1972, Lituania

69. KLIMAS EDVINAS, 1977, Lituania

70. KONSTANTINOU DORA, 1972, Cipru

71. KORMOS KRISZTINA, 1976, Ungaria/România

72. KUMAR ANKUR, 1989, India

73. KUZIYEVA SHOIRA, 1957, Uzbekistan

74. LEANCĂ FLORENTIN, 1966, Moldova

75. LOCKSTAEDT GABRIELE, 1957, Germania

76. LUCACI PETRU, 1956, România

77. MAHALLATI GOLI, 1955, Iran / SUA

78. MALEKZADEH PARI, 1978, Iran

79. MARTSINKEVICH YANA, 1975, Rusia / Italia

80. MĂRGINEAN VIOREL, 1933, România

81. MIAZEK EWA, 1952, Polonia

82. MIHALCEA RĂZVAN, 1982, România

83. MIHĂILESCU DOINA, 1953, România

84. MIRCEA GEORGE, 1979, România

85. MIREANU MIHAI, 1949, Moldova

86. MORĂRESCU ION, 1956, Moldova

87. MUDREA ANDREI, 1954, Moldova

88. MUNTEANU GHEORGHE, 1934, Moldova

89. NAȘCU AURELIA, 1966, Moldova

90. NAȘCU VASILE, 1939, Moldova

91. NEDELCU LIVIU, 1962, România

92. NOVALI RINALDO, 1952, Italia

93. OLEFIRENKO LUDMILA, 1975, Moldova

94. OPREA GHEORGHE, 1946, Moldova

95. OPREA MAIA ȘTEFANA, 1987, România

96. OTCIK ANATOLII, 1949, Belarus

97. OTCIK GLEB, 1983, Belarus

98. PALADI VALERIU, 1968, România


100. PAREO PATRIZIA ELISA, 1959, Argentina / Italia

101. PAȘTINA HOReA, 1946, România

102. PEICEV DIMITRIE, 1943, Moldova

103. PERCA MIHAI, 1969, România

104. PETROVICI-POPESCU ANA, 1986, România

105. POP IOAN AUGUSTIN, 1955, România

106. PUȘCAȘ RUSLAN, 1963, Ucraina

107. RADU SILVIA, 1935, România

108. Rafiei Rad Reza, 1974, Iran

109. RĂZVAN RADU AUGUSTIN, 1974, România

110. RIVERO MARIA JESUS, 1965, Spania / Slovacia

111. ROMANESCU ELEONORA, 1926, Moldova

112. ROȘCA DANIEL, 1991, România

113. ROȘU AUREL, 1948, România


115. RUS ANDREEA, 1967, România

116. RUSU VALENTIN, 1973, Moldova

117. RUSU-CIOBANU VALENTINA, 1920, Moldova


119. SCORUȘ ECATERINA, 1986, România

120. SIDORKIN VALERII, 1955, Belarus

121. SITARI VASILE, 1971, Moldova

122. Sjoukjen Wijk, 1949, Olanda

123. Soler Yansy, 1989, Cuba

124. SURINA OLENA, 1977, Ucraina / Polonia

125. SVATOSOVA TATIANA, 1964, Cehia

126. SVERNEI IGOR, 1972, Moldova

127. ȘOITU GHEORGHE, 1947, Moldova

128. TAKAGI MIZUE,1977, Japonia

129. TARGONSCHI VALERII, 1966, Belarus

130. TETCO VICTOR, 1952, Moldova

131. TOLAN VASILE, 1953, România

132. ȚĂRNĂ GHEORGHE, 1974, Moldova

133. ȚĂRUȘ MIHAI, 1948, Moldova

134. VASILESCU CORNELIU, 1932, România

135. VIERU GALINA, 1983, Moldova

136. VISCUN IRINA, 1983, SUA

137. VOZBINAS ALEKSANDRAS, 1958, Lituania

138. VRÂNCIANU SILVIA, 1940, Moldova

139. WÓJCIK POLA, 1982, Polonia

140. YOSHIZUMI TOSHIO, 1952, Japonia

141. ZAMȘA SIMION, 1958, Moldova


143. ZBÂRNEA ELENA, 1985, Moldova

144. ZBÂRNEA TUDOR, 1955, Moldova


Dear friends! We kindly inform you that the Contest will be attended by artists from:
Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ivory Coast, Cyprus, Cuba, Switzerland, France, India, Italy, Iran, Jordan, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Mongolia, Netherlands, Poland, Japan, Romania, Russia, Spain, South Korea, USA, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Hungary and Moldova

Open call for entries to participate in the International Biennial of Painting Chisinau-2015. Deadline: february, 20

Открыта подача заявок на участие в Международной Биеннале Живописи Кишинэу-2015


Video Opening Day Museum Cotroceni (Bucharest, Romania)

Video Opening day International Biennial of Painting Chisinau-2013
Open call for entries to participate in the International Biennial of Painting "Chisinau 2013".
Deadline: 01 march 2012


Открыта подача заявок на участие в Международной Биеннале живописи Кишинэу-2013. Окончания регистрации заявок - 01 марта 2013.

10.11.2011 About Opening day


Working the jury (28septembrie 2011)